Cuttyhunk 2015 – the Boat of the Trip

As longtime readers may recall, we always keep an eye out, when in vacation waters, for “souvenir” boats, ones to catalog and share here at Chine bLog. We also select one to be the Boat of the Trip, a special honor which generally confers more pictures of the recipient on you, the reader. Editorial staff were again at Cuttyhunk Island, MA, this month, and happily there is no shortage of pleasant craft there.

Catboat KATHLEEN, mid-tack
We were pretty sure the award was nabbed early in the week, when the catboat KATHLEEN came right into the beach, tacked gracefully, and headed off to the northwest. She was delightfully traditional – in home waters, no less – and was clearly a more unique one than we often see. She had it.

BUT NO! The next day, KATHLEEN was knocked from the esteemed podium. While much of the extended Chine bLog family was sailing in the outer harbor, we spied an intriguing looking craft coming in. Gaff main. Double headsails on an exceptionally long bowsprit. Workmanly lines. Hmmm…

She was not hard to spot in an anchorage otherwise filled with white, plastic things, and some crafty sailing by yours truly brought us close enough for a proper inspection and a hail of complements to the skipper. She was every bit as delightful as the longer distance views had suggested. The CORINEUS grabbed the title and kept it.

CORINEUS looks like a real-deal European pilot cutter of some variety. Gorgeous rig and handsome lines from another era. Not even a cabin, just clean, working decks. Further sleuthing suggests she is 28′ (which has to exclude the sprit) and is homeported nearby on Martha’s Vineyard. We’d love more info on her type from those of you in metropolitan Britain and more about her story from those closer to home. It seems she might have been in WoodenBoat at some point back in the day.

CORINEUS, for being everything we want in a boat here at Chine bLog, you are the Boat of the Trip!

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