A nice collection of traditonal boats from Vietnam

Chine bLog friend David Witzel was recently in Vietnam with his family and agreed to serve as a special corespondent for us, capturing pictures of traditional Vietnamese boats. Happily, he found some nice ones. We don’t have the backstory on them, but they are nice to study anyway.

Mekong River
River craft from along the Mekong, including a ferry and perhaps some liveaboards.

Vietnamese long boats on the Mekong

The ferry looks like she might be wooden

Mekong River ferry in Vietnam

Traditional Vietnamese boats on the Mekong

Ha Long Bay
Need to visit here. Badly.

Working boat on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Working boat on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Traditional small Vietnamese rowing boat

Interesting rowing style here:

Lone Vietnamese "rower"

And, of course, the basket boat. David said he saw those in it use a unique paddling motion, but he couldn’t describe it.

Vietnamese basket boat

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