Possible faering kit from Chesapeake Light Craft – do it!

CLC Faering Gunter Sloop RigChesapeake Light Craft’s John Harris had a great blog post a bit back on two faering designs he developed. The post gives a good overview of these lovely Scandinavian working boats, but the thrust of the piece is that John designed his own faering for stitch-and-glue construction.

At the moment, plans to make a fully-fledged kit for this boat are in limbo, but here’s hoping CLC goes forward with it. While their current fleet does have a nice traditional feel, notably, in this case, the existing Iain Oughtred-ish Skerry, this faering design extends the offerings to include a more interesting, “exotic,” traditional boat. That, in turn, introduces kit builders to designs beyond the more established set. Understand I have absolutely nothing against dories, skiffs, and prams – I just want a wider interest in all the other kinds of craft the world has to offer, and kits like CLC’s are a great avenue for achieving that end.

I was even more intrigued by the second boat Harris introduces, a scaled up version based on a Scandinavian craft called a fembøring. This craft includes a small, aft cabin. Harris’s boat includes such a cabin as well as a sliding seat, a lug rig, and a self-draining cockpit. An exceptional pocket cruiser / camp-cruiser, in other words. This one is unlikely to make it to kit form, though I believe I read Harris correctly that plans could be available. It’s a pretty cool-looking boat.

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