Ask and yee shall receive – three new Klaus Schmitt designs

Klaus Schmitt has responded to our post last night with three more designs he has sketched up. He is definitely in a nice vein – classic workboat-inspired yachts. All look like they would be comfy and pleasant while not looking far removed from hauling a barge or a net. Of the first, Klaus writes: “[The first] is a raised mid deck cruiser… a nice way to get some room inside without [the sheer] looking too lumpy.” I agree the approach works well here, thanks to the strong trim on the sheer plank.

7 - 34 Ft motor yacht

The next is “a small motorized pinky that will take you most anywhere. Incredibly seaworthy boats.” And sooo gorgeous. This is easily my favorite of the three. I love the lines of a pinky and this is a great take on the tradition. In fact, it really is what we call a Fusion of Tradition boat, is it not?

7 - Motorized Pinky

Finally, a boat Klaus call “a tough little motor sailor.” Indeed – no one is kicking this one out of the anchorage without a fight. And who’d want to anyway? Charming.

7 - Motorsailer

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