The latest from our shop – canoe paddles for the kids

Hello, dear readers. Or all two of you that haven’t written off Chine bLog. We have been on a bit of a hiatus here at the editorial HQ of Chine bLog. No excuses, just haven’t gotten to much writing.

We have been in the shop a bit over these few months. As Christmas presents, I designed and built paddles for my kids. The larger one, for my daughter, is modeled on Cree style. My son’s is Tlingit-ish (I blunted the tip for improved wear and to limit weaponization potential). All in all, I quite happy with them. They are fully varnished – scoff away, purists – and I managed to put a strip of thickened epoxy along the blade tips for wear. Looking forward to getting them out on the water this spring!

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