And now: a row about curragh events

I took the afternoon off to get AL DEMANY CHIMAN sailing again – I’m still tinkering with the leeboard and steering – expecting I’d have a peaceful outing in light airs of Pohick Bay, VA. I had that, but I also got a pleasant, unexpected surprise. As I was launching, I glanced out and saw someone rowing a large craft with different lines – definitely not a gig or the like. It took me a minute to glance at her more to begin guessing, and, when she got closer I made out a distinct skin-on-frame look. Man of Aran – a curragh, there in the Potomac tidewater! In moments she was ashore and there were two out-of-the-ordinary boats on the beach, both skin-on-frame craft!

The owner / builder is local and is a hardy rower. He was back from a few mile piece, pulling his 20-some foot boat solo (she has seats for three). Check out this nice Irish lass:

Bradley curragh

Bradley curragh

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