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Boats we found on vacation at Cuttyhunk Island, MA

We here at Chine bLog are just getting back into the grind after a nice vacation at our fave port, Cuttyhunk Island, MA. We got in some good paddles in the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe, AL DEMANY CHIMAN, and, along the way, key our shutter ready for interesting craft that were also there. There were several of note. Below are some highlights.

Pocket-cruiser ketch

An interesting-looking pocket-cruiser ketch

Gaff sloop

Sweet little gaff sloop

Mini tug

A well-appointed mini-tug

Dorethea L

Workboat-inspired power cruiser DORETHEA L


Trawler-yacht ACADIA

As in the past, we are inclined to award a Boat of the Trip, given to that vessel that best captures our heart, pure and simple. The ones above are all nice, and we were thinking we’d have to make a tough choice, but then, on the last full day, the dark horse appeared and sewed up the award. I saw her from the house, about a mile away, and knew I had to check her out. Up close, I found what I expected: a gorgeous sheer, fine woodwork, and tons of character. She’s the delightful lovechild of ROSINANTE, a Maine lobsterboat, and a 20’s commuter. We call that fusion of tradition, my friends. In the end, with no disrespect to the other entrants, it wasn’t close. So congratulations to BARNACLE of Guilford, CT – you’re the Boat of the Trip!


BARNACLE, from Guilford, CT

Barnacle, bow-on

Bow-on view of BARNACLE, from Guilford, CT

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