Dept. of Pretty Nifty – a true folding kayak

I friend of mine sent me a piece recently entitled “Origami Kayak”. I thought “this must be a gimmick, but it will be fun.” I should know better, though: said friend has a good eye. The article talks about Oru, the Folding Kayak, and it is truly a kayak the folds out of a case similar to an artists portfolio. The product is launching soon, so I imagine you’ll be more than happy for me to cross-post the promotional video:

This actually looks like a decent light kayak. It has reasonable pleasant, Greenland-ish set of lines and seems to set up fairly quickly. Would I want to go far afield in it? Probably not – the boat seems like she’d ship a bunch of water (stash some buoyancy bags in the case, folks!). Would I want to play in a rock garden in her? Definitely not. But suppose you were going on vacation overseas and wanted a boat to explore beyond the resort. Wouldn’t this be a great solution? If it really goes for $500, that’s a ton more reachable than a Folbot. I like it – nice work!

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