Annnnndddd my 2012 boating season is underway at last – AL DEMANY CHIMAN’s keel wet again

We had a nice family paddle at our standby put-in of Mason Neck State Park. Mostly overcast, but warm and calm, good for trying out the rebuilt ama. I’ll have to test it more, but my initial observations are that we working the aft end SEEMS to make her a touch zippier (biased observation noted) and, as planned, water mostly stayed out of it. The main hull is also drier thanks to some touch-up of the skin seams at the bottom of the stems. And fun was had by all. Good to be underway again.

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I just built a skin on frame outrigger from Gary Dierkings book, and have a few questions for you. I am working out the bugs and have a few issues. I have a bit of hull twist from the spacing of my ribs I believe. I am not even sailing it at this point, it is just from paddling. I am tall and weigh around 270 lbs. I am most likely going to deck the entire boat with plywood to remedy the situation.

my boat weighs around 45lbs, and the ama weighs around 20.

How much does your boat weigh?
How much does your ama weigh?
Do you experience any hull twist?


Thanks for reaching out; I’ll help as best I can. First of all, I had Gary’s book open again this evening and see no reference to skin-on-frame versions of his designs. Which design did you build? Did you knock off one in SOF? I don’t think there are many around; the one the guy at Cape Falcon Kayaks in OR did is what convinced me I wasn’t totally crazy.

I believe my boat is 80lbs. I redid the ama this winter and she is now a bit heavier, but not by much. The ama is still pretty light; I can easily carry it with one hand. All in all it sounds like my ama is lighter than yours but the main hull and iakos are a good bit heavier.

I have not experienced any hull twist that I can see, though I have only had her sailing twice, both in fairly light air. I had heard of such things and tried to design her to have a core frame the locked things together. In particular, I have heavier-duty frames where the iakos cross and the forward one also doubles as the mast partner. The are tied into the gunnels and the keel, so I *hope* things will stay in place. Of course this may also mean they will fail catastrophically…

My boat’s ribs at at 8″ centers, if that is useful.

Without seeing your boat I am not sure about the decking idea. It may help make the boat more rigid, though it will take some of the skin-on-frameness out of her. Have you reached out to Gary? He’s been pretty responsive, though he isn’t too well versed in skin-on-frame. I have had some luck with Corey Freeman at He knows SOF, but not outriggers.

Hope that helps and let me know how it goes. I’d love to see your boat (heck, I might want to post about it if you are game).

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