Pacific Voyagers keep on voyaging, thank goodness!

Coming across the “wires” a couple months ago was news from the Dana Point (CA) Times that crews of Polynesians are still sailing traditional vakas – voyaging canoes – across the Pacific using traditional techniques. This was particularly interesting to me as a recently read Sailing in the Wake of the Ancestors: Reviving Polynesian Voyaging (Legacy of Excellence), by Ben R. Finney, a book detailing his close involvement with the early iterations of this movement. In short, a few groups of Polynesians connected with each other several years ago and decided to build versions of their traditional voyaging canoes and sail together around Polynesia using traditional navigation (i.e., by stars, birds, weather patterns, etc.) It is a pretty interesting read, especially since Finney sailed with esteemed Micronesian navigator Mau Piailug.

Even more interesting to note is that there is a movie coming out about the effort, “Our Blue Canoe.” The article above included the trailer, courtesy of YouTube:

Good stuff here. Look out for the film and check out the book.

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