Sailing rig details for the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN

AL DEMANY CHIMAN, fully rigged

As I work away on refinements to the sailing rig for my skin-on-frame outrigger sailing canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN, I wanted to show off a few more details of the rig as it is. I posted a variant of this view before, but I think this is a better picture. It gives a sense of the overall layout and the different rig elements.

Here is the steer oar and its chalk. This set-up worked reasonably well, though I might eventually want to put some weight on blade end.


This view shows the hiking plank and mainsheet leads.

AL DEMANY CHIMAN sailing rig

Finally, some detail on the finished blocks, which I hand made from paduak.

Hand-made block for AL DEMANY CHIMAN

I can’t wait to get her going again next season.

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