Progress on the sailing rig for the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe, AL DEMANY CHIMAN

So much for being more active with Chine bLog this year… but again, my absence often means there is interesting content. I have, indeed, delved into the sailing rig for my skin-on-frame outrigger canoe, AL DEMANY CHIMAN, and have made good progress in recent weeks after stalling for a while. A tour of recent work, if I may:

Leeboard with bracket I have finished sanding the leeboard (which I showed a few months ago) and am in a good place on the bracket (seen here together). The bracket is my own design, and I hope it works. Leeboard bracket Leeboard bracket, disassembled It clamps onto the gunwale with the board itself on a bolt so it can pivot. I will put leather around the inside faces and will pin the pieces together with some brass rod (under current plan). It is made from laminated offcuts of the white oak ribs. Lord, my Scottish New Englander ancestors must be proud.

Steer oar bracket Steer oar The same oak offcuts went into making the bracket for the steer oar, which will be lashed to a peg on the aft bulkhead. This is about good to go. I like how it came out, although, for its size, it is easily the heaviest thing on the boat. The oar itself is a bit farther out, though I did get assembled at a macro level. Deep Chine bLog fans may recognize the blades as leftovers from my kayak paddle.

Finally. there is the sail itself. I have the spars a good way along, and for kicks – and measurement – I laid everything out on the front lawn the other day. This shot from an upstairs window gives a sense of what it will look like ( if one was a fish 5 feet to port and 10 feet under water behind a screen window). All things considered, I am pretty happy with the recent work and feel optimistic again about getting a sail in before the season closes. Up next, building my own blocks… Sail

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