It’s official – the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN is a sailing canoe

For the next 24-odd hours Chine bLog is reporting LIVE from the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michael’s, MD. As I type on my smart phone, a lovely folk trio is playing in the background while folks eat and mingle. A whole fleet of amazing boats is already here, and I’ll be sharing some in the AM.

The biggest news, from our perspective, is that the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN finally got under sail today. That was the afternoon’s goal and we got it done. As you may recall, “DEMANY” means “sail”, so she has fully taken her name. Results? Well, winds were light, but we completed several tacks and had no catastrophic issues. That said, we have some work to do. The leeboard is not behaving well at all and was minimally useful. Design flaw there. The configuration of steering vs. sheet will also take some getting used to. All told, though, we’ll call it a success.

Stay tuned…

[UPDATE] The sailing rig did not fair so well during the blustery next day. While still on land showing off her rig, the yard snapped (building flaw) and the mast partner lashing failed (design flaw). Neither was catastrophic, but we’ll need to deal with these issues before we get back on the water under sail. A guy who was next to the rig when it broke looked at me like my brother just died and said a sincere “I’m sorry.” It was a bummer, yes, but I regard the whole boat as an experiment and a learning experience, particularly the sailing rig. I will learn from this and fix the issues and we will be back. This boat CAN sail – we proved that.

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