Second paddle of the season – Father’s Day in outrigger canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN

AL DEMANY CHIMAN, Leesylvania State Park, VAI have now gotten out twice this season in my skin-on-frame outrigger canoe, AL DEMANY CHIMAN, a much better pace than with the Peace Canoe, PEACE OF THE PUZZLE. I am really liking the boat, overall. She is light enough for me to car-top myself and easy to assemble at the shore, but, most of all, she paddles well. There is something about that feeling of readying a boat in the water and then stepping in and pushing off for that first glide. I know I dump about 40 gallons of worries in those first few yards.

The outing was at Leesylvania State Park, VA. It was a pretty typical summer morning here – still and hot. A great blue heron sat majestically in a tree and ospreys circled here and about. I wanted to do a long, straight outing to get a sense of speed, so I just crossed the river and back. As best I can figure I did 3 knots-ish going at a modest, comfortable pace. Bigger adventures now await…

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I have a fond memory of launching my first outrigger (and first home-designed/built boat) on Father’s Day (and the little proa was also named after my father = double appropriate). Enjoy!

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