More stunning yacht designs from Klaus Schmitt

Our posts on the yacht designs of Klaus Schmitt are always popular, so I have finally gotten off my transom and am posting some more. The style is pretty consistent, which I say in the sense that one would of a favorite restaurant.

First up, a lovely 32′ schooner. She has extremely pleasing lines, including a fairly exquisite cabin, if I may say so. The designer notes that, at 32′, she is “about as small as a gaff schooner can get.”

32' Schooner

Schmitt’s favorite of the set is one he calls “Oyster Pirate.” He says “…another design from your neck of the woods. She is based on the description of a small skipjack used for dredging oysters in beds reserved for hand tonging. It was done illegally at night. She is only 34 feet, shalllow and fast. A great, big daysailer.” Yes, you’d be right at home on the Chesapeake in this one.

Oyster Pirate

Klaus has a way with workboats. Here is a nice little tug that looks outfitted for a short cruise.

32' tug

Finally, we have “Ruby’s Dream Boat.” I don’t know who Ruby is, but she must be a dreamboat because she gets an awfully nice dream boat.

Ruby's dream boat

Another lovely set. Enjoy!

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