Awesome dugout outrigger canoes and other Pacific art – Tevita Kunato

Tevita Kunato canoeWe are feelin’ South Pacific here at Chine bLog. We have some sweet new tunes from Papua playing (Akave by George Telek) and just had the pleasure of discovering an amazing boatbuilder and artist. We found Tevita Kunato via our friend Gary Dierking over at Outrigger Sailing Canoes. Tevita Kunato is the business name for the creations of David Kunert, a man of Papuan birth who now lives in Hawaii.

Gary was highlighting the incredible dugout outrigger canoes David has built. His site shows an amazing Hawaiian / Papuan canoe that he built with a variety of native woods and then carved with traditional designs. You have to just go to the post on this boat to see the rest of the pictures. This boat in unbelievably beautiful.

Tevita Kunato canoe 2Here is another outrigger canoe with designs inspired by war shields. This is a pretty small boat, but it would stand out even at a gathering of traditional boats.

Tevita Kunato canoe paddleDavid also makes canoe paddles, and I might like these more than the boats, and I like the boats a lot. The paddle here is of Hawaiian and West Papuan origin and couldn’t be more beautiful. $625 and its yours, and I’d say its well worth it.

There is more great stuff here, so you should definitely investigate yourself.

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Aloha for the kind words! I like your description…’fusion’. That’s exactly with it is in that I mix design elements found all over the Pacific. The cultures of the Pacific are so similar but they each carry a very specific ancestral mark. When ‘fused’ a celebration of Pacific culture is the result.


Will be posting pics soon…I am just now finishing up a Fijian Camakau scale model…22″ long sitting on top of a piece of driftwood that two humpback whales are swimming through. Process pics have already been posted on my ‘tumbu kanu’ facebook group page and at my blog…
The camakau is, in my opinion, one of the best designs in all of the Pacific sailing fleet.

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