’round the blogs – great stuff from elsewhere in the traditional boat blogosphere

It has been far too long (we do I always find myself starting this way? SIGH) since we here at Chine bLog highlighted the great posts others have offered the world regarding wooden / traditional boats. Yes, believe it or not, Chine bLog is NOT the only source. Really. It’s true. If you haven’t discovered it already, you should be sure to read the stuff below:

Indigenous Boats
Bob Holtzman over at Indigenous Boats has been putting out a ton of great stuff of late, such that I can’t come close to mentioning it all. Some highlights I’d recommend:

Gavin at intheboatshed has kept his blog going strong. Check out:

Tom Armstrong’s 70.8% – still love the name – offered these nuggets:

Outrigger Sailing Canoes
Outrigger Sailing Canoes, Gary Dierking’s blog, always has great stuff on traditional Pacific sailing craft and/or descendants thereof. I liked:

Rowing for Pleasure
Chris Partridge over at Rowing for Pleasure offered these:


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Allen Phinney


Hello I am interested in changing my rigging over to the junk rig set-up from the burmuda set up it has now.any input would very helpful.thank you for your time.

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