Nice Fusion of Tradition in a Viking ship for modern times – The Langskip

The Langskip
Here’s a lovely example of what I call a Fusion of Tradition boat. The Langskip, custom built in Iceland by the Skipavik shipyard, is a modern interpretation of a Viking longship. She is 55′ LOA with 14′ beam, yet they will scale them up or down as desired. The profile is unmistakable, as is the rig, but the details are decidedly different than Leif Ericson would have had. Supposedly the boats are ruggedly built, yet draw about a meter, suggesting you can take one transoceanic for a gunkholing trip. The web site also suggests there will only be a limited number produced.

Anyone sailed one? Curious how that modern square rig works.
Langskip interior

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