After too long – more fantastic, classic boat designs from the collection of Klaus Schmitt

Several months ago, we were honored, here at Chine bLog, to post two sets of designs by an amateur designer named Klaus Schmitt (post 1 and post 2). Recently we were excited-as-all-get-out to have a guy contact us looking for Klaus’s info. Yes, Chine bLog generated a well-deserved lead. It turns out we have been sitting on more great stuff from Klaus which he augmented in a replying email. His work was popular and exactly the kind of stuff we love (note that some are Fusion of Tradition-y), so shame on us for waiting do long to post this new installment. Enjoy!

We’ll start with a couple larger boats that I think are incredibly handsome interpretations of work boats. Klaus’s words introduce them.

… this is not a small boat… she is 45’… It was my own idea about the ultimate live-aboard. The hull is based on the Chesapeake Bay buy boats (although smaller) from your neck of the woods. An easy hull to drive with a thrifty diesel and a working boom to launch the dingy!

Buy boat yacht

I love it. I’ve had a sometime fantasy about junking the house for a boat like this. While I like this one, I LOVE the next one:

Another live-aboard pipe dream. A 44 foot motorsailer. The hull is based on Maine sardine carriers. This guy could go anywhere.

Sardine carrier yacht

“Jim’s Ketch” would make a comfy cruiser / live-aboard too. Don’t know who Jim is, but he should build to the design while he can.
Jim's Ketch

“Joy’s Elegant Yacht” is another looker. With that yacht under her, Joy would be well named indeed.
Joy's elegant yacht

Something a bit smaller, perhaps?

These were originally fishing boats on the Sound [Long Island Sound, for you non-Nor’eatsers]. Very beamy, like a catboat, with the mast far forward and a bowsprit for the jib. This is a small version. The originals were well over 30 feet.

24 ' Noank Sloop

“Sara’s Egret” is a sharp-looking sharpie. Sara did well for herself too.
Sara's egret

And finally, “Weimer 26”, a “Jersey Bass Boat”. A person would be comfortable and proud heading to their favorite shoal in this boat.
Weimer 26 - Jersey Bass Boat

Please contact us if you also would like to be in touch with Klaus Schmitt. Let’s get some of these in the water, people!

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Jim Nassetta


My name is Jim and I asked Klaus to design the above Ketch with ideas I’d had in mind after many years of sailing boats I sort of liked but never quite fit the bill. He came up with these drawings and floored me. At this time, due to monetary restraints, this boat will remain on paper for the known future. I have in mind the builders suited to fabricate this boat and surely the desire to see her built. Until then I am pleased as hell to call a brilliant cat like Klaus, my friend.

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