Congratulations are in order for our friends on the Bay

A quick note with two well-deserved congratulations to two friends of Chine bLog. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is sporting a great new design for its main web site. I’d encourage folks to drop by and check it out. It is more attractive than its predecessor, better showcases the museum’s assets and activities (dawdle on the homepage long enough to see the sweet log canoe shot in the feature area), and is easier to navigate. I assume in conjunction with this, the museum launched a new blog (or version of a prior one): Chesapeake Bay Boats. If you have an interest in high-end restoration, this is a place to go (here’s some nice photos of hatch work on a bugeye).

On the other side of the Bay, a hearty shout-out is due to John Harris and our friends at Chesapeake Light Craft. Per their Facebook feed, they shipped their 20,000th kit last month. That’s an awesome number of lovely, home-built, traditional wooden boats out there. Here’s to many more!

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Thanks for mentioning the Museum’s new blog and our fresh, new website. We also have a pretty active facebook page, with a facebook-only $2,500 discount (expires soon) on a sailboat for sale through the Museum. Thanks for the mention.

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