Design idea – ~30′-ish canoe yawl

I doodle in meetings. A lot. Occasionally, I’ll get inspired and an interesting boat idea emerges. As is my way, I am typically trying to blend traditional design characteristics in some sort of fusion. I have a few saved on scraps of paper, and its high time I started sharing them. Comments are, of course, welcome. Let’s keep ’em constructive, people.

I had an all-day meeting yesterday so I had time to play with this one a bit. Scale is something like 1 1/2″ = ~30′, but I am not sold on the length. I was trying to capture the profile of a haida canoe and thinking about the construction of a curragh a la Tim Severin’s BRENDAN (updated to modern materials). The rig is more straight Western traditional, but I think it fits. I haven’t really played much with center cockpits, but I wanted have oars as the auxiliary. Maybe the boats is too big for that (that’s one reason I am vague on lengths!). No idea if it all would work, but that is why it is just an idea at this point.

Canoe yawl design idea

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Very pretty sailplan and nice sections amidships. I’d reduce the rocker aft, making the aft sections deeper and slightly V-shaped. I think it would make the boat faster and increase directional stability, and would certainly improve interior accommodations. Minus the center-cockpit notion, the hull and sailplan would be very nice on something much smaller — say a 24′ pocket cruiser?

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