Significant progress on skin-on-frame outrigger canoe project – the pieces are coming together

The skin-on-frame outrigger canoe has been coming together in the last week or so. The pieces I formed over the winter months were ready for the keel, which got all its rib mortises. With a first coat of linseed oil on, I began tying the major structural elements together. The arrival of spring is clearly another factor. As you can see, operations have moved outside for some glorious post-kid’s-bedtime building in the spring air.

Skin-on-frame outrigger canoe getting put together

Skin-on-frame outrigger canoe - looking aft
At the time I took these, I was still relying on clamps more than I need to now. The frames, stems, and “bulkhead” pieces just inboard from the stems are fully on. As I write the outwales are now being coaxed into shape. I suspect this will be a tricky process. These images at least give a sense of what the main wa’a will look like.

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