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More from the boat design collection of Klaus Schmitt

After our prior post showing off the designs of Klaus Schmitt we got some more to add to the collection. We continue to love what Klaus’ eye and style. Take this launch, which Klaus calls “Pidgeon 21.” Great lines and so much classier for cruising the lake on a nice day.

Launch "Pidgeon 21"

Another new one is “something a bit different. A shanty boat for Lake Champlain. It is for an artist friend that lives in Vermont.” We have never thought to sketch a cabin cruiser like this, but if we did, this would be a satisfying result.

Shanty boat "Gombar 28"

Finally, one that is, of course, our fave’ of the series: a “big skiff.” “This big skiff was in response to all those ‘raids’ I’ve seen in Europe. She is big enough to go places, the whole rig fits in the hull and she can be rowed and beached for camping.” And she looks stunning – a bit of a Kingston Lobsterboat-esque sharpie – and has that convenient and workmanlike lug rig. A+.

Ketch "Big Skiff"

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