Skin-on-frame outrigger frames, take 2: I am proud of these

Thanks to the help of a friend in the neighborhood (he owns a nice table-saw), I was able to mill some much better stock for laminating the frames. You may recall I had taken a whack and not been happy with the results. Aft frame of skin-on-frame outrigger canoeWell, better stock and a little practice brought great results the second time around. The lamination was pretty clean and the form dead-on. After a bunch of clean-up – spokeshave, block plane, rasp, and 100-grit sandpaper – the frames look great.

As orientation, in case it isn’t clear, the mortise in the bottom is for the keel and the ones at the top are for the inwales.

I have one of the waes done (the cross-pieces that form the attachment points for the iako – outrigger – itself) and another on the way. In the course of some badly-needed shop-reorg I turned up a couple nice pieces of cherry that were perfectly sized for the waes. Bingo – done and done. I think the contrast will be great and the cherry will be a good fit for the job.
Both frames and waes - in progress - for skin-on-frame outrigger canoe
Next up I’ll be finishing the second wae, oiling these parts, and starting to tie these pieces together. I am also 1/4 done with the rib mortises in the keel. With those done, I’ll be able to glue the keel scarf and tie the frames and stems on it. And then, my friends, we will have us some progress!

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