Need some advice – managing a wide board

Friends, I need a bit of quick advice. I bought a nice Spanish Cedar board for the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe, but it is about 10″ wide and seems like it is cleaned-up flitch-sawn – the grain runs in a nice wide arc through it. I have two pieces that will come out of it that are 9″ and 9 1/2″ wide. Should I split it length-wise and re-glue so that the grain runs against itself a bit (i.e., in a subtle s-curve)? Or, given it is kiln-dried, should I just let it be because it won’t cup much more. I am thinking the former, but wanted to see if anyone could comment. Many thanks,

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The answer everyone loves: that depends.
Will the parts that you’re getting out be installed straight or bent? If bent (under pressure/tension), I think they’ll be OK.
If it’s something that needs to stay straight, you might split the parts lengthwise and glue them up so that the grain is a mirror image; that way, any tendency to warp will be equal in both directions. I’d avoid the S-curve solution.

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