Heads-up Aussies – Melbourne Wooden Boat Festival is coming up

Melbourne Wooden Boat FestivalNo, no one has invited to fly me down under to report (though I am still willing to negotiate!), but, since I know folks from the South-side check in, I wanted to make sure folks knew about this cool-sounding event: the Wooden Boat Festival, held this year in Melbourne, Australia on February 20-21. According to reader Richard Monfries, who alerted us of this event, this is the first time the event has been in Melbourne. Well worth a looksee, and sorry I won’t make it (though I would look nice in a press pass – I’m just saying).

We also want to highlight the Wooden Boat Association of Victoria, of which Richard is a member. Some nice pictures in their photo area.

Please post comments or send an email with any neat news from the events.

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Richard Monfries


Hi Tim

On behalf of our Wooden Boat Association in Victoria, Australia, thanks for the post. It’s going to be a ripper weekend. I’ll send in a report after the party. This is the first wooden boat festival in Melbourne, so for the next one it would be good to have some international visitors floating – or flying – in!




Thanks for helping spread the word – the event was a huge success and the next event is scheduledfor late Feb 2012

Please shoot me your details for a press pass 🙂

Mark Bergin
Festival Director

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