The people are speaking: time to publish Wayfarer Dinghy plans

We realized that we have been running this blog for over four years now. This is the second iteration of it, as of last Winter, so our analytics are incomplete. It is the case for the last several months, however, – and we promise that it has basically always been the case – that one of our first posts, on the Wayfarer Dinghy, is the most popular on the whole blog. Specifically, we called out the poor decision on the part of designer Ian Proctor’s descendants and the various Wayfarer Dinghy associations to not publish plans for the Wayfarer so they could be built at home.

We find it interesting that this post has had such legs and dare to think that it might mean that we are not alone in searching for the plans. Want more evidence, over the same period (3/14/09 to 12/14/09), one of the top search terms that brought visitors here was “wayfarer dinghy plans.” We think there is unmet desire here and it is time to publish the plans. Again, we are all for fair one-design racing, and we also think that issues raised by home-built boats in this context could be mitigated (e.g., validation by the association at the owner’s expense). We just don’t find the reasons for holding back compelling.

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Some people are selfish, I just want sail and have fun. Can’t have a ragotta here in Eugene Oregon, there’s no Wayfarers… Would love to build a club from the ground up, just need plans.

Steve Nickles


I found an ad for a “wayfarer kit” some years ago, I still have it, and I thought it was a beautiful craft, it’s lines were calling to me, “build me”. I thought, if I ever have the time to build a boat, that’s the one I would build. Now that I have the time, I find there’s no plans available. Oh well, maybe I’ll build the “Conga”, still available free plans at “polysail international” the “Sunray” and “Super sunray” are also pretty boats, and share similar characteristics with the “Wayfarer” Good Luck to all homebuilders.


Thanks for visiting, Brad. Seems like a bunch of folks would like those plans, but let’s keep it legal.



I know this is an old thread, my understanding of copyright and design law in the US is that hulls built prior to 1998 are not protected by the “anti splashing” laws passed by congress. the plans would possibly be copyright (arguably not as a boat is a device, and hence falls into patent law)
Unless Brad had made a specific legally binding agreement not to use the plans again, then he cannot be prevented from re-using them. It is also perfectly legitimate to create a plug from a previously built wayfarer, of course then you would need the knowledge to properly outfit it.
You would also be unable to market it as a wayfarer.

Jonathan Davies


Like many others, I would like to build a Wayfarer from plans. Stumbled across this blog looking for a source for the plans. The fact is that a Wayfarer is not much different in design to an Enterprise (just scaled up from 13’3 to 16′) and building an Enterprise is not that difficult. So the argument that it would be too difficult for the amateur is spurious. Nothing to stop you buying an old scrap heap job and doing it up though. Jon



Indeed guys!
The concept that became the wayfarer as I understand was briefed to be an affordable and easy home build kit that could be made from x (4)? Sheets of standard ply and fit in a car sized (uk) garage….



I have been sailing Wayfarers for over (off and on) 24 years. I have sailed and rowed many miles in my Mk 1. You have to realize that you are dealing with people who have improved the models of Wayfarer to where it is of little use to serious cruisers and IAN PROCTOR’s original idea of a dinghy that could be easily daysailed, raced and cruised with no changes in the boat.
I have seen the insides of what they are selling and aside from the hull and sails it is NOT a Wayfarer. It is only good for daysailing and racing. And since everything seems to be run by racers…racers make the decisions for us.
They don’t want the Mk 1 (wood or fibreglass) to compet

Hannes van Tonder


If there is anybody out there who has plans or templates available
Please let me know – I ‘ll be interested .
It is common knowledge that the meassuring argument is a non valid excuse
not to sell the plans – but to force anyone who wants a Wayfarer to buy it at inflated prices from the so called lisenced builders.
A lot of people ( i suspect most of them) who wants to build a Wayfarer doesn’t want it to race but rather to cruise and sail for the sake of sailing in a legendary boat.
So please – any help would be appreciated – i am sure the design can be adapted without too much trouble for the stitch and glue way of building – if the estate keepers had any business sense , they would have had this done years ago and would have had cnc cutting files for the plywood developed so that the wooden hulls made from these kits would measure perfectly for racing as well .-
As for myself ? no problem if it doesn’t measure perfectly – there is anyway no Wayfarer class racing in South Africa where i live – i know of only one Wayfarer in my country.
Anybody’s help in this regard would surely be greatly appreciated
thanks , Hannes

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