Design details on the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe

One of the aspects to designing and building my own boat is the noodling on very specific problems – how would X work, how do I need to construct Y, how big does Z need to be, etc. To think through these issues I have done some mini-lofting – full-sized drawings of pieces of the frame. I thought I’d share some of these drawings so you can see what is difficult to tell in my lousy reproductions.

I had a rough idea of how to do the inwale / outwale construction from my reading, but I had to think through a number of details when it came to the two laminated frames that are the key structural elements amidships.

inwale / outwale detail

Somewhat less complicated, but still worth some thought, was the keel, especially for the same frames and v.v. the floorboards.

keel detail

Finally, I worked a bit on the breasthook and how the outwale will meet it and the stem.

Bow detail

Good fun.

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