Two contests of note – please check these out

Two quick notes on contests, one germane to this blog and one which is shameless, self-serving promotion (but a good cause nonetheless). We’ll get the latter in first. My company, Forum One Communications, has entered the Sunlight Foundation’s Apps for America 2 contest. Our entry is called DataMasher, and it lets you relate government data sets to see interesting relationships. We made the top three and need your vote to win. Please check out our instructions and learn how to vote. Thanks!

I also like to see that WoodenBoat has launched a second version of its design challenge. I posted about the first one a bit ago. The second riffs off of it, asking for a bigger boat that is equally fuel thrifty. We look forward to seeing the results of this one. I like they way WoodenBoat is moving power boating forward with these contests.

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