Nice recent piece on drift boats

Those who fly-fish (I don’t) and want to do it like the classy folk of the American West should check out this nice piece from Vida, Oregon about the McKenzie River Wooden Boat Festival. The piece quotes “class” expert Roger Fletcher, who I wrote about a couple years back:

The combination of beauty and usability are what make the boats so popular, Fletcher said.

“You’ll see these boats all over the world, but lines of that are traced back to this river,” he said.

Even better, was this gem by attendee and enthusiast Ken Helfrich:

“There’s nothing like a wooden boat on the water,” he said. “It has a total feel of itself.”

Preach it, brother!

Co-sponsor of the show Tatman Wooden Boats is worth checking out for kits and materials. Pretty boats.

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I am definitely going to check out your related posts plugin. As for drift boats, I am a drift boat fishing guide in Alaska, just came across this site and will check out more. During the winter I have lots of time off so I read and check out lots of sites as well as build a few of my own.

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