The beautiful artwork of James Dodds

I am way behind on posting stuff and am trying to crawl out of it. One post come courtesy of my dad. Messum’s, and art gallery in London, had been selling the work of James Dodds. It looks like they are no longer, so I had to track the work down directly at Dodds’ own site. Well worth the extra keystrokes!

Dodds paints classic boats, and he manages to capture the lines accurately while injecting color that is natural but more vibrant.East Coast One Design, Looking Forward Note how he understands the timbers and how to study them.Joel Whites Shadow Like a Fish or a Bird or a Girl The detail on these classic wooden boat paintings is tremendous. Dodds has a whole series of works like these on his site – I highly recommend a visit. From there, who knows? Maybe you have a wall that needs adornment…

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