– a great resource for skin-on-frame boatbuilding

OK – its best I admit it. They say that is the first step. I am thinking about a new boat already. I want to build to my own design. I have some ideas coming together – I’ll share more when there is more to share. The key point is that every time I see a skin-on-frame boat I feel incredibly drawn to them. I think it has to do with the rawness of the medium – the boats go together by feel with pegs and lashing. Its gorgeously primal.

In the course of noodling on this idea I came across the site, which consists of The Skin Boat School and Spirit Line’s Skin Boat Store. The former, as it sounds, is the educational resource area, though there are some good nuggets online. The latter piece seems to be a great source for materials. I found proprietor Corey Freedman extremely willing to chat about this topic, giving me a number of ideas that I didn’t directly solicit. This is one worth keeping close at hand for the skin-on-frame medium.

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My wife and I built one baidarka each under Corey’s instruction during July 2007. We found him to be a superlative instructor who was as enthusiastic providing our instruction as he was,no doubt, when building his first boats decades ago. I am a big guy. My boat is 17 feet long, practically a “dump truck” as I like to call it, and weighs no more than 30 pounds. My wife can easily lift it with one hand. If you can find the time to take Corey’s course – it took us about two full weeks, Saturdays included, to build our boats from scratch in his unique and fully functional shop – you will be richly rewarded.



I have an F-1 and a Jennyak I built and have maintained for years in Hawaii. I’m looking for plans for a baidarka, any thoughts on locating drawings?

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