More new stuff at the National Museum of the American Indian

The second highlight of our recent revisit to the National Museum of the American Indian began as we entered the grounds. I looked up and saw a series fo decorated canoe paddles in an upper-story window. “Must get to that spot” I thought.

Paddles at NMAI #1Without much trouble we found them in a resource area. Through a program called the A. Susana Santos Journeys in Creativity 2008 “Art of the Canoe”, students in the Northwest had made the paddles in a variety of styles.

Here’s some more. It was a pretty cool collection that was pretty hard to photograph well. Thanks to the good people at Adobe for enabling me to get semi-close with Photoshop.

Paddle at NMAI #2

Paddles at NMAI #3

1989 Paddle to Seattle

We also found this display case of canoe models, which was pretty neat in an of itself.

Canoe Models at NMAI


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Andrew Cohen


Those canoes *are* rather neat. Thanks for sharing. I really do need to get back there soon. Our two most recent visits never made it past the first floor. We get bankrupted at the cafeteria and then the kids get cranky. -AC

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