I built another boat! OK, I was just ribbing…

Call it a two-fer. I have been doing the Apprentice for a Day program at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. I thought my Dad would enjoy it as well, I gave him a day of it for Christmas. Of course I had to join him. So he got to check it out, I scratched my boatbuilding itch, and we got some father-son bonding time in. Hey – that’s a three-fer!

The mission – and of course we chose to accept it – was building a 13′ 3″ Melonseed skiff, based on lines taken from a 1920’s craft, the oldest surviving one of its type. Specifically, the task for the day was beginning to install the ribs. We were both thrilled as neither of us had done that before. I’ll not carry on – check out the images.

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