Break out the champaign bottle – Chine bLog has relaunched!

The new site blog has been up for a week or so while we got things straightened out (call it “sea trials”), but we are no ready to call the site relaunched! [Ka-shiiiinnggggg! Sploooosshhhh!] I now rechristen thee “Chine bLog.” We have tried to update the graphic appearance of the site and will be adding new features going forward. Enjoy!

On the continuing issues front, you will still find a number of broken links (fixing in progress), many missing comments (ditto), and a dearth of points of the Traditional Boats of the World map (hope to get to this soon). I also need to figure out links to old pages and set up redirects. If you are aware of a link you made to one of our old pages and care to update it to the new URL, that would be much appreciated.

As always, comments are most welcome.

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