More on Indonesian Jukungs – a great piece on the “protolateen” rigs by Indigenous Boats

Its not fair. We would love to have really deep, informative stuff here at Chine bLog, but we never have time. Our pal Bob at Indigenous Boats manages to do crazy stuff like read books, so so I find myself needing to just point to his blog. And point I must, because he has tacked a couple of fine posts onto his original one about the Jukungs of metropolitan Bali (which we commented on recently). The first one focused on the design of the outriggers and, in particular, their attachment to the “ama”s (obviously the Polynesian term is only used for convenience). Very nice overview of the whys and wherefores of this technique. We then get another entry with a nice review of the rig these boats use, which as quasi-lateen affair. Visit Bob’s blog for a nice discussion on this topic as well.

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Thanks for this. I’ve added Chine bLog to my blogroll and cross-posted your nice item on the Taiwanese rowed canoe. I couldn’t figure out how to properly link to that post, so linked to a search result — bogus. Could you send me a proper link URL? Thanks. Also I couldn’t find your personal email. Could you please send?

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