Great skin-on-frame kayaks and more – Cape Falcon Kayak

In recent months I have again been diving, at least in thought, into the world of skin-on-frame boats. I had pulled out my copy of Building Skin-On-Frame Boats
by Robert Morris (discussed here in 2006) and been flipping through it at bedtime. That got me thinking about looking for supplies… just in case… And that led me, via the magic of Google, to Cape Falcon Kayak in Oregon, a really nice source for skin-on-frame kayaks and other boats.

Greenland-style kayak from Cape Falcon Kayak

Proprietor Brian Schulz teaches skin-on-frame building, designs boats, provides paddling instruction, and leads trips. In short, I am wicked incredibly jealous (me and my $#^%* “traditional” career!). Brian seems to do a number of traditional Greenland kayaks as well as more modern designs using traditional techniques (with enough traditional design elements to keep them beautiful). F1 kayak from Cape Falcon Kayak I wish I had time to get out to the West Coast to spend some time learning from Brian. He is producing some fantastic boats – and has some great water to play in!

To put a proverbial cherry on all this, Brian has been playing beyond the kayak class. In particular, he designed and built a skin-on-frame sailing outrigger canoe. Sailing outrigger sailing canoe from Cape Falcon KayakI wrote him about the boat and it sounds like a one-off (he calls it “serviceable”). I have to defer to his opinion, but I’d love to see this class / style match explored more. I have noodled from time-to-time about applying it to the design I am working on but don’t know enough about the skin-on-frame medium. I take it he is concerned about the structural geometries needed to support the rig. I have to believe one could manage this, though, and I hope Brian or others will push on this concept more. Maybe I will too…

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