Deliciously “crazy” design concept from Proafile

Rozinante II

I just popped over to Proafile, where I don’t spend enough time, and was rewarded with a really nice piece of small boat design mind-candy. Michael Schacht, who writes the blog, has a concept that is one-part heresy and one-part genius – the stuff we need more of. He has taken a “sacred” design, L. Francis Herreshoff’s ROZINANTE, and turned it into ROZINANTE II – a “mono-proa – a bilaterally asymmetric monohull.” You need to check this out. You can call it crazy – it it is certainly unconventional – but you cannot ignore that it is a thoroughly creative move that does the design decent justice. As someone who increasingly finds his dabbling going in wacky directions, I love this concept. Classics, but unique moves forward that play to tradition as well are going to keep the spice in the boats we love. Keep pushing it, Michael.

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