Chine bLog’s favorite post of 2008

So we are a wee bit tardy on this, but I plead quality time with my young family over the holidays. Anyone going to argue now?! :^) I thought not…

As some of our colleagues in the boat blog world noticed, Tillerman over at Proper Course posted a challenge to pick out your best post for 2008. I’ll throw Chine bLog’s hat into the ring. Actually, when I looked back at our archives for 2008, I was pretty impressed. I could have gone a bunch of ways. I finally selected, though, our follow-up post on the canoes of the Ma’dan (the “Marsh Arabs” of Mesopotamia, Iraq). This post is simply the best because it represents my discovery of a neat boat from an expected but unknown place and because I got a great unsolicited user contribution to fill it out with her personal pictures and knowledge. The blogosphere at its best.

Thanks for the exercise, Tillerman!

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