Another traditional Asian fishing boat we love – Jukungs of Bali

Balinese Jukung

Speaking of boats with great, but arguably impractical, ends, I raise the Balinese Jukung, a double-outrigger sailing canoe (lateen rigged) with a unique bow (thanks to Wikipedia for the image). Bob over at Indigenous Boats did a nice post on Jukungs last year, but they have been on my radar for a while. This is, once again, a great example of the ceremonial value of design elements. I mean, who wants that piece sticking out front at the waterline where it might snag on something, but man oh man does it make for a neat-looking boat.

I am itching to sail one of these. Unique appearance aside, these things look fast and fun! We need to get to Bali and try to hop in one.

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Peter Anderson


Just got back from Bali. Had a go in one of these boats at Sanur where you can hire one with a boatman for two hours for $40US. It was great fun but the wind was down on the day I went out. I still had a ball though. If you want to go out on one when it’s windy’er you need to go to Bali during the Australian winter as the winds are a bit stronger and more reliable. You can be sure that if I go back I’m going to have another go

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