A little light early-winter boatbuilding… a toy ferry for my son

So my son loves trains. All trains. Loves… LOVES… them. His personal railroad is one of those wooden sets with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Actually I was completely psyched he took to this stuff – I can be a little railfan-y myself. I wanted, however, to tie in a little nautical thing. Brio makes a train ferry, but its a little lame seeming. I began to think: “Tim, you can do better.” So voila, boatbuilding, micro-size. I am pretty pleased, actually. They may be rumors that some defective maple kitchen drawers were harmed in the making of this boat. I can neither confirm nor deny this.


Ferry with bow open

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[…] One of MY toy stories made up a December 2006 post here.  At age 7ish, I built boats for my sisters, which they bought for a nickle if they had one; otherwise, a penny would do.  “Boat” meant a piece of wood scrap with one end sharpened with my father’s rasp.  Here’s a toy boat story from chine blog. […]

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