Gorgeous lateen rigged boats from Mozambique

To Mozambique we go – ain’t these beauties? Thanks to Africa Geographic Travel for the image from its Mozambique travel program.

Lateen rigged boats from Mozambique

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Very cool. How efficient is that kind of sail design? Also seems like having so much of the sail area so high up would put a lot of stress on the masts and attachment points, and I’m sure they’re not exactly built of carbon fiber.


@Jase – the lateen is a great rig. More often than not, you see the sails tipped upright, where they perform well (they are tall, but since they are supported by the thinner yard, not the mast, there is less to disturb the wind at the leading edge). It is an advantage that they can be tipped like this going downwind, is this is better on that point of sail. The mast is actually short and solid, so it is fine. Larger craft like this let a weaker yard and poorly-sewn sails be deliberate failure points if a sudden breeze came on. The mast was preserved for a jury rig and the sails more easily mended.

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