A small source for dhows and related boats of Oman

Al Boum
Bob over at Indigenous Boats has a couple interesting posts on the dhows of the Arabian Sea and thereabouts. I don’t know a lot about boats of this region, but my interest in them rises from time to time. One could track it with the Dhow Jones Index… (thank you, thank you, I’ll be playing the blogosphere all week – don’t forget to tip your ISP). I found a brief bit of info on the boats of Oman on Omanet.om, an Omani cultural site. There are the more traditional boats here, such as the Al Boum above, but there is also the Shashah, a pretty interesting rowing craft that is definitely unique. It is made of date tree sticks bound together with cord.

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I live on the island kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. As a person active in boy Scouts I wuld like to get the boys to help build a shashah or huwayriyah. Those are canoe like rafts made by lashing together palm fronds. There is one near me and I can see there might be some skill to building this.
The palm fronds are abut 2 meters long and the boat is about 4 meters long. So the packs of fronds require some sort of longitudinal seam. Does anyone know of a source for plans or help in building this?

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