Great traditional rowing boat video on the Fogo Island Punt Race

Many thanks to Chris Partridge over at Rowing for Pleasure for highlighting the Fogo Island Punt Race, a 20-mile open-ocean race in traditional wooden rowing boats. Wow. I love the seriously traditional specs for race boats. For those not up on Canadian Maritime geography, Fogo Island is off the Northern side of Newfoundland, Canada. Chris embedded the video below, which is a really nice story of the race and the boats.

Incidentally, if you want more of a flavor of Fogo Island – or, in fact, if you are in the Chine bLog mindset at all – you MUST go grab yourself a copy of the song “A Boat Like Gideon Brown” off Newfoundland band Great Big Sea’s great album “Sea of No Cares.” Just do it. You will not regret it unless you only like death metal.

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