A great morning of paddling at Piscataway Creek, MD

Piscataway Creek in the fog

I was able to get out on the water this AM, which was, needless to say, a very good thing. I set my kayak in Piscataway Creek, MD, a Potomac tributary several miles downriver from DC. Dew-y spider webs in Piscataway CreekI’ve been there a few times and am always impressed with it. I dropped the boat in the water in thick fog and September chill. I paddled along the northern shore – it is a wide, shallow tidal bay at that point. It was beautiful and still the pictures can’t really do it justice.

Gradually the fog burned off. I headed up the true creek for a while. Piscataway Creek There was lots of bird life back in there – I got buzzed by a great blue heron at one point – and few signs of people after a few houses by the mouth. Piscataway Creek A great morning on the water.

Launch site: Fort Washington Marina, Fort Washington, MD.

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Whelden Merritt


Piscataway Creek

I am often down at Piscataway Creek near the bridge on Indian Head Highway.

My friends and I are worried about the fish and their spawning grounds in Piscataway Creek.

I am looking for a mini-canoe to use on Piscataway Creek because it is so full of obstructions.

My grandfather used to have a mini-canoe and I could SWEAR it was only about 5 or 6 feet long … at the most.

You could carry it around with one hand; have you ever seen such a thing?

I used to live in the mountainous region of Bavaria south of Munich.

The people, there, would hunt ducks in forest pounds up in the back woods.

For that purpose, they had mini-skiffs which were only about 4 feet long, just big enough to stand in and propel themselves with a pole … and for their hunting dog who would retrieve the ducks.

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