A couple more blogs in the neighborhood: 70.8% and A Tiki in Thailand

Those of you who watch my “Honor Roll” list (aka my blogroll), will notice two recent additions. Thanks first to A Tiki in Thailand for finding Chine bLog and linking to it. My sources (see below) tell me the writer’s name is Creed O’Hanlon, and he is hard at work on a to-liveaboard catamaran in Pattaya, Thailand. He operates under the name The Ethnic Catamaran Company. Works for me – here’s to ya!

Also a Chine bLog linker – thank you! – is Thomas Armstrong at 70.8%, a nice blog named after – I love this – the percentage of the earth’s surface covered by water. Genius name. Great stuff here as well. Some one of you other boat-blog compadres turned me on the this one, but I am unable to give credit due to lousy memory. We’ll be watching this one too.

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