The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 2: Real Haida dugout canoes!

Hopefully you enjoyed my last post on my first rental experience at the the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. Let me now step back to some of the other treasures I saw there.

Haida canoe profile

I thought they might have a Haida dugout canoe there, and I was itching to see a real one. They do not, though, have one. They have two and quarter. Behold.

Haida canoe looking aft

They had one in the water; I am not sure if it is open for rent (though I will be asking next time). It is one fine-looking chunk of cedar, though, eh? I find these boats beautiful, not just for the lines, but also for the artwork. Native Northwest art is incredible, and seeing it on a boat is seeing it in a truly natural form.

The second canoe was up on land; not sure what its status is. Her artwork is well displayed, though:

Haida canoe artwork

What about the quarter of a canoe? Maybe its less, I can’t tell. They are in process of carving a new one, this from a 37′ log. Very cool. Anyone can go join the carving on Sunday afternoons. Very very cool. Here’s the overview:

Log becoming a canoe

Sāādūūts, CWB’s Artist-in-Residence, is a Master Haida carver. He has helped build over 5 canoes in the Seattle area. Currently a 37 foot log is in the early stages of being carved. Everyone is welcome to come help carve, meet Sāādūūts, and become part of the canoe family. Free.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

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Hey Tim, I’m *finally* getting around to reading your posts on the CWB. It’s wonderful to experience your enthusiasm. I work about two blocks away from the place but am too often hypnotized by work stuff–so I don’t get there as often as I’m sure *you* would…

Though I’m not a boat expert by any stretch, I love Northwest Coast art as well. And I know there’s no prevailing wind there, but the Seattle Art Museum has quite a wonderful collection–maybe we can check it out one of these days when you’re in town.

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