“Xebec” – your “X” word for the week

My daughter’s kindergarten class had “X” week last week. We had to find SOMETHING original for her to bring. Something struck me in the back of my mind, and a quick Google brought it to me: “Xebec.” A xebec, according to the authority, Wikipedia, is:

a Mediterranean sea sailing ship that was used for trading and other things. It has a long overhanging bow and stern. It also refers to a small, fast vessel of the 16th to 19th centuries, used almost exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea.

Note that Wikipedia classifies the article as, ahem, needing work. I am guessing the gem …”trading and other things…” fits that bill… Anyway, “piracy” seems to be one of those “other things.” Here is a nice-looking model of one, yours, for $225, at SMC Trading:

Xebec model on sale at SMC Trading

So this was all interesting, but it ended up being moot because my wife said it had to be a word they might actually know [editor’s comment: beginning with “X”??!!]. Well, as it happened, I had to take my daughter to school the next day. And don’t you know, they have a picture board with “X” letters… and guess what is gracing it… That’s right, I’m the man…

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