Sweet finding at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum – Howard Chapelle’s battens!

Check this out: I am wandering around the shop at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and I see a long, old, wooden box. I assume it is battens and open it. Whoa – there’s a name… Howard Chapelle! I am holding Howard Chapelle’s personal batten box! Take a moment to reflect on the history of those strips…

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Alan Flanders


Hello, I am a maritime history/culture history professor. Please find some of my paltry credentials by googling:
alan b. flanders, historian, etc. At any rate I worked with Philip K. Lundenberg years ago correcting a model at the Smithsonian and got on the trail of the wonderful Chapelle-the genius of ship design and history. At any rate, I would be very interested in buying anything you have connected with Howard I. Chapelle for my classroom and our museum. Please email me back, oh yes, my phone number is 757-287-7186 or office 757-822-1145. Thanks, Alan

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