We have a launch! Rowing a Delaware Ducker

I was able to get out to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for another round of its Apprentice for a Day program. The highlight of the day was launching the other Delaware Ducker (then one not being built in the program) and getting out for a little row in her. Here is a short video of her maiden strokes with master shipwright Dan Sutherland first and then Tony, another museum employee second.

Based on a brief outing, this boat rows beautifully. I hope to be able to sail one soon.

Now, to other updates…

I spent the rest of the day on finish work. The boat on which I have been working has a coat of paint on her and looks stunning. That red with the bright sheerstrake is just perfect.

Delaware Ducker (side view)

We sanded the varnish coat and scraped adhesive drips before taping the sheer and stems and putting a new coat on. Dopey me didn’t get a picture of the final product –
it looked great!/p

Delaware Ducker (end-on)

Finally, I didn’t work on these, but look how amazing the booms look!

Delaware Ducker booms

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